Digital Event Management

A holistic digital interface strategically created to focus on every step in the attendee journey, exhibitor experience and sponsorship success.

BUILT TO Deliver

A Fully-Immersive Experience

With realistic imagery, create an energetic and satisfying environment 

your attendees would love to experience, with the event branding your organization desires.

Elevated Engagement

It is hard to schmooze a virtual event crowd. Even the best wing-person won’t help! 

  • Connect through customizable searches
  • SmartMatch technology to select attendees with similar interests
  • Schedule meetings with exhibitors and speakers 

Webinars that Wow

Deliver a valuable experience to attendees through engaging, multi-faceted webinars.

Gamification elements add competition, or thought provoking conversation amongst your attendees.

Surveys, chat functionalities and reception spaces connect your worldwide audience effortlessly.

White-Glove Support

Our team is here for your team. 

With a dedicated team of event managers, technology specialists and project support, we are determined to make your event a knockout.

When you work with eShow, you become family. Our team will take your mission and goals and drive success for your event porfolio. 

enhanced experience, enhanced results

Customize Your Virtual Venue​

Use a plug-and-play venue or a customized digital space that duplicates your in-person offerings. The sky is the limit!

real-time data and reflection

Reporting & Dashboards

Receive real-time data on all attendees, exhibitors and sponsor activities. 

Bi-Directional Success

Event success is built upon the happiness of the planners, attendees and sponsors. Utilizing a digital venue provides endless opportunity to create success across the board.

  • Banners
  • Video Placement
  • Sponsored Content and Collateral
  • On-demand 

Content Delivery Your Way

Live, semi-live or pre-recorded sessions. 

On-demand content to increase the event lifecycle and deliver long term results

Upload all collateral ahead of time to ease presenter woes and planner stress.

Our happy customers

We’ve helped thousands of events succeed

Ready to start?

Trying a new software is scary. We know.
Partner with a comprehensive event management system that even a pandemic cannot break.

Ready to start?

You are only as good as the event management suite you are using. 

Let’s get started today, and elevate your events for tomorrow.

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